Driving license Fee in Punjab 2024 | Complete Guide and Latest Updates

The interim administration in Punjab has decided to update the driving license fee for the coming year by bringing significant changes. Instead of the previous five-year cycle, drivers will now pay their fees annually. Starting from January 1, 2024, there will be a significant increase in learner driving license fees, from Rs. 60 per five … Read more

Islamabad Driving License Fee Structure (2024): A Clear Guide for New Costs & Services


Are you planning to get or renew your Islamabad driving license in 2024? The Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) has implemented significant updates in the fee structure, with hikes ranging from 60% to 100% across categories. This comprehensive resource explains the new application and fee structure, breaks down costs for learner’s permits (starting at 1000/-), new … Read more

Learner Driving License Renewal Guide: How to Renew Driving License Online in Pakistan Through DLIMS?

How-to-Apply Online-for-Learner-License-DLIMS

Daily many people are going to Driving License Centers in different cities of Punjab to renew learner driving license as authorities are cracking down on unlicensed drivers and registering cases and FIRs. To make everything easier for the citizens of Punjab, Lahore City Traffic Police has introduced a new feature. Now, you can renew your … Read more

DLIMS – E-License

DLIMS – E-License Just follow these steps to generate your Punjab Driving E-License online. Discover an easy and efficient way to generate your driving E-license number in Punjab. Just follow these simple steps: For Regular License Visit the Website. Enter your CNIC number without any dashes. (31xxxxxxxxxxx) Enter Date of Birth. Enter Captcha Click on Generate … Read more

Driving License Procedure in Islamabad


Following are the procedures and requirements for obtaining driving license in Islamabad. Learner Permit: Requirements: A copy of the C.N.I.C 60 rupees ticket from any post office Get Code Book of Traffic Rules and Regulation from Traffic Police Office. Medical Certificate (by Authorized Medical Practitioner) Note: Applicants going to Police Facilitation Center F-6 need to … Read more

DLIMS Gilgit-Baltistan Police

DLIMS Gilgit-Baltistan Police has established Citizen Facilitation Centers known as Police Service Centers (PKM) in 10 districts of the province (full list of centers, contact information, and locations can be found here). The Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), which works with the DLIMS Gilgit-Baltistan Police on technology issues, has streamlined the process and created a … Read more

DLIMS Balochistan GOV PK


DLIMS Balochistan GOV PK Driving License Issuance Management System (DLIMS Balochistan) automates the tasks of issuing, renewing and upgrading Balochistan Driving License. These activities are carried out across the province of Punjab. Using advanced technology and equipment, this system provides fast processing service to the public and up-to-date statistics to the government. Using a centralized … Read more


DLIMS AJK – TRAFFIC POLICE AJK automates the process of issuing, renewing and upgrading AJK driver’s licences. Thanks to its innovative hardware and software, the system is able to quickly process public requests and provide accurate real-time data to authorities. Through the use of a centralized network, the system manages the issuance of all types … Read more