DLIMS Gilgit-Baltistan Police

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DLIMS Gilgit-Baltistan Police has established Citizen Facilitation Centers known as Police Service Centers (PKM) in 10 districts of the province (full list of centers, contact information, and locations can be found here). The Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), which works with the DLIMS Gilgit-Baltistan Police on technology issues, has streamlined the process and created a centralized and connected IT system for these centers to work better overall. can By aligning these service centers with the central IT system:

  • Guaranteed time for people to work
  • Quick and easy process – treating people with respect
  • Using Pakistan Post to send issued documents and driving license
  • More money will come in by making sure everything is clear.

Driving license issuing, renewal and up-gradation centers have been established under the management of Police Service Center. These centers use automated procedures to ensure that licenses are issued, renewed and updated as per the rules. These driving license centers have been established by the Police Service Center in all states of DLIMS Gilgit-Baltistan Police.

The innovative approach with the help of latest technology and equipment provides fast service to the people and up-to-date data to the government. By using a centralized network, the mechanism changes the way licensing is done.

Verify your Driving License:

DLIMS Gilgit-Baltistan Police Verification


Dlims-Gilgit-Baltistan Police

Customer Care Stands:

Customer service standards will be improved to the extent that an applicant will be issued an internationally recognized secure card-based driver’s license just by visiting the Licensing Testing Center and passing the test. For the purpose of maintaining the highest standards of service delivery to the general public while establishing a self-sustaining business model, a revolving fund will be established to facilitate both internal and external transactions.

Quiet Features:

  • Issuance and administration of Central Driving License
  • DLIMS Gilgit-Baltistan Police Licensing System Centralized Database
  • A streamlined process to obtain a driver’s license
  • A place where driver’s licenses are centralized.
  • This can be facilitated based on the provision of license issued by Pakistan Post and verification of the applicant.
  • Help reduce vehicle-related crime.
  • Creating a data hub to facilitate other agencies
  • Increase revenue by ensuring transparency
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