DLIMS Balochistan GOV PK


DLIMS Balochistan GOV PK Driving License Issuance Management System (DLIMS Balochistan) automates the tasks of issuing, renewing and upgrading Balochistan Driving License. These activities are carried out across the province of Punjab. Using advanced technology and equipment, this system provides fast processing service to the public and up-to-date statistics to the government. Using a centralized … Read more

How To Apply For Learner License in Punjab Via DLIMS In 2024?

How to Apply Punjab Driving License A learner’s license is the first step to getting a regular driver’s license. The process of applying for a learner’s license in Punjab has been made very easy by the DLIMS (Driver’s License Information Management System) platform. DLIMS Punjab allows applicants to apply for learner license online and get … Read more