DLIMS SINDH, Driving License Sindh (DLS)

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In DLIMS Sindh, a driving license DLS is an official document and permit that allows the holder to drive various vehicles such as bikes, cars, trucks on motorways, highways and public roads. Persons above 18 years of age can apply for a driving license in Sindh by visiting any of the licensing centers in the province. To apply for a driving license in Sindh, you can also use the Driving License Sindh (DLS) app.

DLIMS-SINDH-Driving License-Sindh-(DLS)

DLS Mobile App:

The DLIMS Sindh Police manages the Driving License Department, which issues licenses and permits to those who pass the authority’s testing standards based on driving ethics, road awareness and traffic rules. Driving License Sindh Pakistan, or DLS, is the department in charge of license verification. One can schedule a driving test appointment through their online services. Not only this, but he has also completed additional tasks.

The software was launched in 2016 and is now available to citizens. The DLS app not only allows you to apply for a license; It also includes features like theoretical driving test and driving license verification Sindh. Also, before going to the center for the practical driving test, pay the driving license fee and check the nearest driving license center in Sindh. The DLS app could not handle the entire process of applying for a license.

Anyone who wants to get a driver’s license in Sindh has to go to the license center and complete the remaining steps. You can book through the app before visiting the center. When you arrive at the Licensing Center and confirm your booking at the front desk, you will be asked to fill out a registration form and have your photograph taken at the same time. After that, a doctor will look at your eyes. After that, pay the fee at the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) desk.

This is not the last step. Finally, your written license will be given to you. There are three types of licenses, and the steps will depend on which license you have.

Types of Licenses

There are three types of driving license in DLIMS Sindh.

  • Learner’s Driving License
  • Permanent driving license
  • International Driving Permit/License

Details of each are listed below.

Learner’s Driving License

You can apply for this type of license if you are a citizen of Sindh and you are of minimum age. The license is valid for one year and then expires. Anyone with a learner pass has 45 days to take the test at a driving center before they can get their non-commercial license. Also, after 60 days, trainees can take the test for commercial driving license. Obtaining this license is a very simple process.

Here’s the whole thing:

After booking online, you have to visit the license office for further processing.

At the license center’s front desk, you will be given a ticket and a registration form to fill out. Next, the doctor will check your health (as needed).

After completing this process, you need to visit National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) to pay the fee.
Finally, the officers will check all your documents and then print a learner’s license that is good for one year.

New learner license and learner renewal fees are different. Fees also vary by vehicle type, as different vehicles have different fees.

Permanent Driving License

DLS Sindh Pakistan Permanent Driving License is another type of driving license. This license application process differs from the previous one in some areas. After that, these licenses are good for 3 to 5 years. The length of time depends on how much money you put in when you apply. Following are the steps to obtain this type of license:

You can save time by making appointments online with the DLS Android app.

When you reach the license center on the given date and time, the person in charge will give you a token. After that, the token will be used in the next step.

When it’s your turn, you must give the person at the registration desk all the details they need.
The next step is to visit the “Snap Counter” and submit your photo for licensing.

After that, you will have a medical check like you did for your learner’s permit. After cleaning.
You will then be given a written/signed test to see how much you know about driving. The test has 25 questions, and you must get 18 of them correct. They ask about things like road lines, traffic signs, and road safety.

After taking the written test, you will have a road test where your driving skills will be assessed.

There are questions on the test about simple rules of the road.

After you pass all the tests, your application must be approved by the DSP.

Finally, your documents will be checked, and then your legal and official license will be ready to print. It will be given to you as soon as it is issued by the government.

Both the 3-year and 5-year permanent driving license prices vary depending on the type of vehicle.

International Driving Permit

If you plan to travel to another country, it is advisable to get an international driving license, which can be easily obtained in Sindh. The procedure for obtaining this permission includes the following steps:

  • Make an appointment through DLS.
  • On the appointed day, visit the licensing center nearest to you.
  • You will be given an ID card at the front desk.
  • Wait your turn, and an officer will do the medical check you need to get your driver’s license.
  • After that, you will be asked to complete the register process.
  • Your photo will be taken at the “snap counter” for the license, the “fee counter” will charge you a fee.
  • Once everything is done, your documents will be checked, and then you will receive your foreign driver’s license.
  • Along with CNIC, the candidate must possess a valid passport/visa, a valid domestic driving license.
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